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Our lab is maned by three highly qualified Lab Scientist.  All test are carried out in-house using state of the art medical diagnostic equipment calibrated to ensure the highest standard of proficiency to diagnose diseases by the doctor with ease.

We operate 24 hours ensuring that all pathological test ranging from chemistry, microbiology , parasitology, hematology & blood serology are being carried out. We also run a blood bank to ensure rapid blood transfusion of patients in need and emergencies.





The following are Laboratory test we carry out guaranteeing your results same day;

A). Hematology work up;
      FBC ( hb, PCV, WBC & differentials, platelets, ESR ), clotting profile, GXM etc.

B). Diabetes check; FBS, RBS, OGTT, HbA1C.

C). Liver Function Test; AST, ALT, ALP, GGT, TBilirubin, Direct bilirubin,

     Tprotein, albumin.

D). Kidney Function Test; Na, K, Cl, HCO3, urea, creatinine, UPCR.

E).  Tumor Markers; Faecal occult blood, PSA, CEA, AFP, CA19.9.

F).  Bone and joints; Ca, PO4, uric acid.

G).  Lipid profile; Total cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL, LDL.

H).  Endocrinology; TFT ( T4, T3, TSH ), male/ female reproductive test,  


I).   Hepatitis serology; HBV COMBO, HCV, DNA, RVS.

J).  Pathology; Cervical smears, biopsy samples.


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